Welcome to Organising Home’s Cleaning section! I’m so happy that you have come and are ready to start a new cleaning routine using simple and effective methods. Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Join our monthly email subscription - Each month, I will email and post a printable cleaning calendar that you can print off and put up as a reminder of your projects for the month. Click here for this months schedule. Don’t worry if you are starting half way through the month, just jump right in and start your new routine today.

Step 2: Learn the Basics – Start with the basic daily cleaning. These are 5 tasks I do daily to keep my home visitor friendly.  Even if I forget everything else, if I do these 5 tasks daily (check floors, house pick up, wipe counters, wipe bathroom, laundry), I feel in control of my home. Click here for the tasks in detail.

Step 3: Add in the weekly cleaning – Each week I complete 5 cleaning tasks that keep my home clean and hygienic. Spend no more than 15 minutes on each task - set a timer and see how much you can achieve. The more you do this on a weekly basis, the faster you will go and the easier it will be. See my weekly cleaning process here.

Step 4: Monthly Cleaning – Each month I set myself 8 tasks to complete within the month. I spread these out completing about two each week. The best thing about this step is that you can fit these tasks into your schedule as it suits you. You will find detailed explanations of these posts as they come up each week in the blog section. If you find this a bit too much at the moment, then just keep up with the daily and weekly cleaning until you feel like you can throw in a monthly cleaning task every now and then.

Step 5: Weekly Focus Areas – Each week I will post information on how to improve an area of your home. These may be cleaning tasks or organisational tasks. For example, how to clean your oven, how to meal plan, how to organise kids toy storage etc. Have fun and join in these creative tasks as and when they suit your home. 

After you have completed each step, add your comment below and tell me how it feels to be in control of your home again!

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