Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Weekly Cleaning

Welcome to step three in Organising Home's cleaning schedule. Every week, I complete the following 5 tasks. It's difficult to find time to do the whole house in one day, so it is spilt up into a task a day and repeated weekly. Here are the details:

Planning Day * Sunday

I use a Sunday to plan for the rest of the week. I check my calendar, plan my meals and write my shopping list.

Bathroom * Monday

As I jump out of the shower on a Monday morning, I get stuck right in and clean my bathroom. I make sure that I have all my cleaning gear with me before I get in the shower and then give it a clean while I'm still in there. Tip - no need to clean the floor as this will get done on Thursdays (great time saver). 

Dust House * Tuesday 

Set your timer for 15 minutes and see how much dusting you can get done. I use a feather duster and wrap a slightly damp micro fibre cloth (I love the cloths from 
Paragon Microfibres) around the handle so that I can alternate as I am going around each room depending on whether it needs to be wiped or swiped! Make dusting easier for yourself by only leaving out what needs to be left out. The least clutter the better (and quicker!). 

Vacuum * Wednesday

Grab the hoover and whizz around the house to make sure the floor is clean. You will notice that I do not wash the floors at the same time. This gets done the day after on a Thursday as I don't have time to do both on the one day. 

We have two hoovers - our regular heavy duty vacuum and also a light weight vacuum cleaner (if my one year old is having a clingy day, this vacuum is so light that I can carry my little one on my hip as we vacuum).

Wash Floors * Thursday

The floors should still be pretty clean from the day before (vacuum day), so I check the floors (as you'll notice on the daily cleaning list) and then use a slightly dampened micro fibre mop (again from Paragon) to clean the floors.

Sheets / Towels Day * Friday

Ooh how I love Friday's. Weekends are very special to me, as this is the time when I get to spend lots of time with my family. And to start the weekend well, there is nothing like fresh sheets and towels. Load the laundry in the morning, and throw on the new bed sheets. Load the towels in the evening and put fresh towels out ready for Saturday morning.

Well, that's it for step three. Remember, we're not aiming for perfection here, but if we do a little everyday, we will succeed. Little changes make the biggest difference.

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